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Who he is

Self-taught composer with an eclectic orchestral approach. He thrives on exploring with sounds and textures, frequently combining synthetic and orchestral elements to create a “hybrid” musical flavor. Fabi’s intuition and musical instinct allow him to write with flexibility in many musical styles. His scores are based on melodies, detail and emotions.

What he does

Specializing in scoring for the screen, Ray Fabi has created music for hit series such as Are You Afraid of the Dark? Xcalibur, Chris Cross and Arthur. Emmy and Gemini nominated, he’s an experienced musician who’s been composing since he started playing. Fabi is one of Canada’s most internationally broadcasted film and TV composers.

Qui est-il?

Compositeur autodidacte au style éclectique et à l’approche orchestrale unique. Polyvalent, son approche instinctive et son intuition lui permettent de créer dans plusieurs styles musicaux.

Que fait-il?

Spécialisé en composition pour l’image, il a créé entre autres la musique des populaires séries Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Xcalibur, et Arthur. Compositeur depuis toujours, musicien d’expérience, il est parmi les artistes Canadiens les plus diffusés mondialement.

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